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Excell Ultrasound Limited provides NHS ultrasound scans in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Mid-Essex.

If you have been referred to us we will:

  • Contact you by telephone to arrange a convenient appointment
  • Send you an appointment letter and information relating to your scan
  • Give you contact details in the event you need to rearrange your appointment or cancel

Your scan will be performed by an Advanced Practitioner Sonographer who will explain the procedure to you. Please feel free to ask any questions. Some examinations will require you to give written consent.

The majority of patients have their scan appointment within 2 weeks for us receiving the referral and the report will be sent back to your GP within 48 hours.

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Who are Excell Ultrasound?

Excell Ultrasound are a private company specialising in providing scans the community. We have contracts with the NHS and if your doctor has referred you to us then your scan will be free as it is funded by the NHS. Excell Ultrasound is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What is an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound is a means of imaging the body using high frequency sound waves. A small hand held probe is moved across the skin surface to produce an image that the Ultrasonographer performing your scan interprets.

Who will be performing my scan?

Your scan will be performed by an Advanced Practitioner Ultrasonographer who is a specialist in performing this type of scan. All of our Ultrasonographers have a recognised ultrasound qualification and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HPCP).

What happens during the scan?

You will be asked to lie down on a couch and gel will be placed on the skin over the area to be scanned, for example the abdomen. The gel allows the probe to slide over the skin easily and also helps to produce clearer images. You may be asked to turn on your side or hold your breath during the examination.

What types of scan do you perform?

  • Abdomen ( liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and aorta)
  • Pelvis (uterus and ovaries)
  • Renal Tract( bladder and kidneys)
  • Testes
  • Soft tissue lumps and some muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Scan to look for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the leg.

How do I cancel or change my appointment?

If you cannot attend your appointment  or wish to alter your appointment date or time please let us know as soon as possible by telephoning 01733 565928. If you fail to attend your appointment you will not automatically be issued another one.

Where do I go for my scan?

The venue of your scan is shown on your appointment letter. Depending on the urgency of your scan and availability you may not always be seen at your own surgery or the scanning venue closest to where you live. All our scanning venues are listed on our locations page. If you wish to have your scan performed at another venue please contact us on 01733 565928.

How do I prepare for my scan?

Please ensure that you wear loose clothing that can be easily removed.

If any preparation is required for your scan then this is stated on your appointment letter. Please be aware that failure to follow your preparation for your scan may lead to your appointment being delayed or rescheduled.

Who can I bring with me?

Only the patient will be allowed into the scan room as this is a medical examination. Please let us know in advance if you require a chaperone. If you need to bring children with you please arrange for someone to supervise them whilst you have your scan.

How long will my scan take?

This depends on the type of scan that you are having although the majority of appointments are 20 minutes.

Please be aware if you are late for your appointment you may not be seen and will be offered another appointment.

How will I get the results of my scan?

The results of your scan will be sent to your Doctor. You will be advised by the Ultrasonographer at the time of your scan when the results will be available at your Doctor’s surgery.

Non-English Speakers

Copies of the leaflet are available in:
·    Urdu
·    Guajarati
·    Polish
·    Lithuanian
·    Portuguese
If you do not speak English please try and bring somebody along with you to interpret. Please let us know if you would like this information in large print.

How to make a complaint

If you are not happy about the service you have received then please contact the Operations Director at the address provided below.

Patient Feedback

We welcome feedback. Following your scan you will be given a survey to complete and this can be returned in the freepost envelope provided (no stamp required).

Please contact us at:
Excell Ultrasound Ltd
9 Swan Court
Forder Way
Appointments and enquires: 01733 565928
Email enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.excellultrasound.co.uk

Excell Ultrasound is registered with the Care Quality Commission

How we use your Health Records:

We may share information about you with the following main partner organisations:

  • NHS commissioners of care - in particular the organisation that commissions this scan service.
  • Other providers involved in your care - such as a hospital or your GP.

We may also share your information with your consent with others that need to use records about you to:

  • Check the quality of treatment or advice we have given you
  • Protect the health of the general public
  • Manage the health service
  • Help investigate any concerns or complaints you or your family have about your health care

Some information we have to share is used for statistical purposes, and in these instances we take strict measures to ensure that individual service users cannot be identified.
Anyone who receives information from us also has a legal duty to keep it confidential.

If you do not wish personal data that we hold about you to be used or shared with other health care organisations involved in your care please discuss the matter with us. You have the right to object, but this may affect our ability to provide you with care or advice.

If you would like more information about how we use your health records and your rights relating to this please contact: Excell Ultrasound Ltd, 9 Swan Court, Cygnet Park, Hampton, Peterborough, PE7 8GX. Telephone 01733 565928.

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